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I was talking to our presidento when my attention was drawn to the table behind me where players and dividers were going in all directions with a lot of noise and mayhem. There was obviously a very fierce rivalry occurring.

The match was between Gerrit Fialla and Jerrod Thomson. The game score was 1all and there was some exceptional rallies. Gerrit was smashing ball after ball but Jerrod was somehow returning them and sometimes turning defence into attack with a heavy topspin loop. Gerrit prevailed winning 13-11.

But as is often the case he took his foot off the accelerator to have a breather. Jerrod took his chance and dominated the next game 11-4 to even the score at 2all.

The final game did not disappoint. Both players gave their all, there were some magic points, and both players let match points slip until Jerrod got there 13-11.

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