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2018 President's Trophy Winner Announced + new president elected

Congratulations to Linda Yapp, the winner of the 2018 President’s Trophy which was recently presented by outgoing President, Michael Wilson.

In Michael’s words, “In awarding the President’s Trophy in the last couple of years, I have chosen members who have helped me in the running of the club and, although this is still important, I would like to highlight another type of member this year. This member plays the game hard and wants to win, but I have never heard a bad word from them. They take winning and defeat in their stride and with good grace, they help in the set up and packing away each week, and they are there if possible when the club needs assistance for external functions. They don’t complain about the club and when, they have an idea, are actually happy to back it up with help to implement it. These types of members are the backbone of our club and, in the future, I believe Linda Yapp will be a driving force behind our club. Congratulations Linda, 2018 President’s Trophy Recipient.”

I certainly agree with Michael’s comments and, judging by the rousing applause that Linda received, so do club members.

Desley Payne was elected new Club President and is taking to her new role in a very conscientious and energetic way. Good to see the ladies making a big presence in our club.

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