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Blog 3.2.20 re Handicap Tournament 31.2.20

We ended up with 18 starters for the Handicap Tournament last Friday. The evening started with a Top of the Table Challenge. The prize money which went to the player occupying the winning position at a designated time went to Martin Tribe who beat talented new-comer, Frank Nordhoff, in the final match.

One of the special moments of the Challenge was when Paul Green and his son ended up on the same table together.

The Handicap Tournament boasted players from all levels – A graders, B graders, Social players, students and visitors. Each match went to 31 and handicaps varied from minus 2 (Paul Green) to plus 27 with just about every number in between. Match ups were drawn out of the hat by Corie Bongertman and most games were very close. Adam Wood (0) and Jim Kyle (10) fought off for one final spot while Linda Yapp (7) beat Rick Perry 31- 29 for the other spot.

In the final, Adam caught Linda at around the 27 mark but Linda then won 3 of the next 5 points to lead 30-29 and needed only one more point. BUT Adam snuck the last two points to take the Prize (25% of the purse) while Linda had to settle for 10%.

The Plate Event for those who were beaten in the 1st round went to Desley Payne with a 31-28 win over Denis Orr.

President of Noosa Club, Paul Newall, was one of the eager and able participants and he tells me he likes the format of both the Handicap Tournament and the Top of the Table. Thanks very much to Corie + John Bongertman who did a lot of work in setting up and to all the players who never hesitated when asked to umpire a match.

Special moment as Paul plays his son, Jasper, in the Top of Table

Adam Wood (winner) and Linda Yap (runner-up) in TT HANDICAP TOURNAMENT last Friday

Runner-up Denis Orr (he's the cool looking big one) and Winner Desley Payne (she's the good looking one on right) for the Plate Tournament. All my plates had chips so they won a couple of balls each.

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