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Paul Newall dominates last Friday

Paul Newall on right. Moses Kim on left.

Paul again with runner-up,Clay Westwood

It looked like we were going to be down a bit on numbers for the 3rd Top of Table and Handicap Tournament last Friday but with a couple of late arrivals we ended up with 18. Coincidentally both the Inaugural event and the 2nd event had 18 participants.

Paul Newall was the big victor on the night winning both the Top of the Table Challenge as well as the Handicap Tournament. In the Top of the Table event Corrie Bongertman was the initial champ. Brian Anneix (a Swiss student studying at SCU) made his way to the top table and made it is home for ages. He had visits from Rick Perry, Moses Kim and Brendan Coles. Meanwhile Paul Newall who was backmarker was stalled in the middle of the pack. He timed his run perfectly and won a tight tussle against Moses Kim in the final match. For those who are not aware Paul is president of the Noosa Club. Apart from his monetary award he also gets his handicap changed from 9 to 7 for his next attempt.

In the Handicap Tournament Paul defeated Moses Kim 31-27 in one semi while Clay Westwood defeated Sharon Matherson 31-29 in the other. Paul beat Clay 31-27 in the final.

The Plate event for those knocked out in the 1st round was won by Travis over Russell Treloar 31-28.

Thanks very much to Brendan Coles and his friends from SCU (Brian, Matthew and Travis) who were a great help in setting up.

Note that our next event is on March 20 as the hall is being set up for the local election on the 27th.

Plate Finalists - Russell Treloar and Travis

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